Leo Biollo - All vocals and instruments

Leo Biollo is coming through time to bring you metal from the 80's and is going to break through the barriers of what is considered the best music of today. He has made it from the depths of Hell to the gates of Heaven. Leo Biollo is a solo metal artist. His music style can be defined as Progressive Thrash Metal. His stomping grounds are in northern Alberta, Canada. His music has been described as having strong performances and nice arrangements. Leo has released his debut album, "From the Depths of Hell to the Gates of Heaven," a concept album telling the story of the artist's own life experiences told metaphorically. The album is released both digitally and on CD. Leo started writing music the same time he started learning guitar, at the age of 12. With 100+ original songs under his belt, he sought to bring out his best compositions to the world. The entire record was self produced and performed solely by Leo, covering all vocals, guitars, and bass, and sequencing drum beats.