1. Desire To Rise

From the recording Desire To Rise


I make my way to the top of the staircase
There's new surroundings up here, I stop to gaze
The vibes of fear are less dense, but far from gone
I see people, each with a guardian demon

And as I focus my attention upon their state of fear
The power of my own demon seems to reappear

He injects fear in me with his glare
Then he sends me flying down the stairs
I get up and stare into his eyes
"Nothing can stop my desire to rise."

Back up the stairs again with determination
This time I am more focused on my mission
I see another staircase form in the wall
Nobody seems to notice the stairs at all

I wonder how it's possible to not notice that sound?
The sound of the staircase forming should have made them turn around.

I can't figure out what's going on
Something greater, it exists beyond
I will find the place where answers lie
Nothing can stop my desire to rise

Weeks passed, feel closer to what I'm looking for
Walking up every staircase as they form
I see it now, a wondrous sanctuary
An aura of peace and warmth envelops me

"Is this the place where my answers I will find?"
I walk inside and never would look behind

I am greeted by a man of age
He introduces himself as the Sage
A posessor of all that is wise
Nothing can stop my desire to rise

My desire to rise