From the recording The Gates Of Heaven


The Sage led me back to the door with the monumental lock
A feeling of eagerness enveloped me as I turned the key
The door opened and a great golden light flooded the room

I peered into the room and just ahead, I saw the heavenly gates

At last, I am here, I am here alive
This is what I've sought for, for what I have strived
After years of searching, after years of pain
The battle ends here, the demon is slain, slain

This is a new beginning
A second chance at life

From my demonic abduction to the depths of Hell
I've desired to rise, I've gained back my will
Applied the Sage's wisdom to destroy my demon
I've been from the depths of Hell to the gates of Heaven, Heaven

This is a new beginning
A second chance at life

This is a new beginning
A second chance at life

"Just beyond the gates, lies a world of infinite possibilities
It's a world in which you decide what comes to be
You are the Master and Creator here
You are the God here"

"Your time has come now, to claim your kingdom
You are a sage now, you've found your heaven
Be a light for others as I have been for you
Allow them to discover the grandest of all truths"

"The illusion of reality"

"You have been asleep for so long
As you began to awaken,
You began to realize that there was more to reality than you've allowed yourself to see.
And now, your reality of delusional limitations is a thing of the past.
Welcome to the real world."

"Go now, your Kingdom awaits..."