From the recording The Depths Of Hell


I look all around me, surroundings have changed
Where did they take me? What is this place?
Skeletons screaming in fiery cells
Demons are laughing, I must be in Hell!

People in flames, screaming in pain
Their flesh is no more, still they are not slain
Each has a demon hovering behind...
And now it is my turn, I'm the next in line

Flames burning through my soul
I could feel it taking over
My mind has died and I'm no more
My sanity's gone forever

Internal unsettling
Something disturbs my mind
An undying state of misery...
I take a look behind...

Oh no! There it is, looking down at me
A demon, an overwhelming entity
I ask a question with a voice of fear,
"Who are you and why did you bring me here?"

The demon gives his reply with an evil grin
"Why, I am only your guardian demon
My job is to make sure you're not too comfortable
Lately, you've showed magnified fear and I have heard your call...

...You have given me no choice
Only here can I serve you well
Only here, there's limitless fear
So welcome to the depths of Hell!"