From the recording Killing The Demon


This day, it would be the one
That I would fight the demon
Determined to get the key
Unlock the the door and be set free

"Control your mind, assert your will
This horrid demon you must kill
Acknowledge not that he exists
He is, only if you believe he lives"

Killing the demon

"How can I deny my eyes?
I've seen this entity arise
How can I convince myself
That this demon never put me thorugh Hell?"

"Don't accept what your eyes see
They only see what you conceive
Change your convictions about life
And reality brings new sights to your eyes"

Killing the demon

The more I struggled with this concept
The more the demon had his way
The harder I fought with my logic
The harder he fought back with rage

Banished down to the lower levels
The lower levels of the tower
I am losing in the battle
I am losing all my power

"Wait! I get it now! My mind struggles
And so the rest of myself suffers as well
This outside world - a reflection
Of everything inside that dwells!
I cannot strive - I must let go
And simply be the one I want to be
And now I am - I am the one
The one who has the key!"

I looked at where he had been
Faded into oblivion
The demon's reign had now collapsed
To take his place, the key fell into my grasp

I killed the demon
Holding the key, I'm a free man, free man!

"The demon is dead. Now come follow me..."